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"The LORD your God has spoken." Word from God. (5-23-15) (End Times Deception)

Joel Gray

"The LORD your God has spoken." Word from God. (5-23-15) This message is for all those who are serving God and who are seeking God. I tested this message with the test of the spirits found in 1 John 4:1-4. I encourage you to seek God about this message and about what God wants you to know. (Photo: Tupolev Tu-160 bomber. Source .) God said: ______________________ “My...


Understanding The Power Of Reading Christian Books For Successful Christian Life

Ngozi Nwoke

How often do you read Christian books? The power of reading cannot be overemphasized and when you exercise that power in reading Christian stuff, your life gets better many times over than when you don't read them. Christian books are life-support system for a victorious Christian life. This article helps you to understanding why reading Christian literature is vital for a successful Christian life. Bring the cloak that I left...


1st Commandment & Salvation

Ron Evartt

1st Commandment & Salvation Jesus was asked, “what is the greatest commandment”? He replied with this: Mar 12:30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. If you break this down and define what this “commandment” is teaching, you will have your answer on salvation. You...



Jesus is my Hero! : Be the Best You Can Be! (Mt.5:48)

Teresa O'Driscoll

More than ever before I am so happy and proud to be a Christian! As I turn my eyes towards Syria, and the unspeakable acts being perpetrated and plotted there, I remember the love and compassion Jesus showed to its people when He walked that region. “His fame spread throughout Syria, and those who were suffering from diseases and painful complaints of one kind or another, the possessed, epileptics, the paralysed, were all...



The Real Motive Behind the Indiana RFRA Protests

Denny Smith

The state of Indiana has been in the national news spotlight in recent days over the protests of Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The protest began in earnest this past Saturday March 28, 2015, with a march in Indianapolis and has since spread nationwide with businesses threatening to pull out of Indiana and/or boycott the state. The law attempts to provide some degree of protection to Christians, in...


What Does God's Word Say? Taking Difficult Stands

Marijo Phelps

What Does God's Word Say? Taking Difficult Stands WHAT is the matter with that child? He is running straight for the fireplace with his arms out like he wants to embrace the flames... well, after some blisters he will learn, won't he? Oh, no, there is my friend, running to catch the bus but she doesn't see the car turning the corner right in her pathway. Boy, after spending some time in the hospital maybe she will..


National Marriage Week - Book Giveaway

DeBorrah K Ogans

In celebration of National Marriage Week and Valentine's Day, you can download the Kindle Edition of my premarital book, "How Do I Love Thee:Food For Thought Before You Say I DO" for FREE! How Compatible are We? Ready for Intimacy? Commitment? The Marriage Bed? In-laws or Out-laws? Many couples spend a great deal of time planning their wedding, but little time planning their marriage. They have not taken the time to.


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